Content Marketing Management


It is a widely accepted fact that the power of pen is greater than that of a sword. It has the capacity to enhance and enrage the masses. Therefore, the role of “Content Marketing” in all the businesses is equally important like any of the other digital marketing solutions. 

It is high time that you realize the importance of delivering quality content to users and clients that will help you in building a reputation for your business. A well-structured SEO would only be possible when you have the unsurpassed content written for it.

Content Marketing Process

What we offer?

On-Page Content

The on page content goes directly to your website. A well-drafted website content with the proper keywords inserted at regular intervals is what we intend to provide. Along with a pleasing, appearance it is necessary that your website is readable by the users as well. We craft the website content keeping in mind multiple users and the choice of words is made in a manner that it does not make the content too complicated for the user to understand. Through the on-page content, we intend to enhance your website ranking directly. The on page content also includes the blogs that we publish on your website for providing information to the user on the current trends in the related field.

Off-Page Content

We use off page content to enhance the digital presence of your business. The off page content is published on the various high ranking websites. This content makes it easy to drive more traffic to your website and also enhance the website ranking as well. The off page content includes following:

  • Blogs

The blogs might be on page and off page depending on the interest of the users. There are various sites like Bloggers, those accept guest blogs and it is purely for the knowledge enhancement of the reader. There are various categories and we pick only that category which is related to your industry. We only select the high-end websites that accept only high quality content.

  • Articles

There are various guest-posting websites like Ezine articles, which accept the high end write-up from the guests to publish articles in particular segments. This helps in completing the promotional campaign for your business and enhances the website traffic as well. We make use of different types of SEO keywords to rank he articles and make it easy for the users to search it.

  • Web 2.0

Through this we plan to post bulk content for user engagement and generate traffic o your websites. The web 2.0s are long articles used to provide information on the chosen topic and industry. It can be related to the current trends in the chosen industry or informational content. This helps in diverting people to the website easily.

  • Quora

This type of content is done in question answer form. We select questions that are related to the industry and promote your brand accordingly. This might be done in the form of active marketing or passive marketing. By answering the questions put by the users we ensure to establish your brand as highly interactive and customer friendly one.

  • Press Release

This one is highly promotional. Through the Press Release commonly known as the PR, we make sure that every single news article, that happens to be related to the customers, reaches them within the stipulated time period. His is informational and promotional at the same time. For the existing customers it is informational and for the prospective client it is promotional.

  • Emails and messages

Our experts have been working in the industry for long time and they have the knowledge about what to write to the customers and prospective customers for your business. You can draft your email templates with the help of our professionals and use then when required. You can also get your automation messages from our content experts and embed it in your system.